What Should I Expect When I Visit?

Don't worry about dressing in any particular "style" at Darby Community Church--come as you are! What we want is for every part of our service to magnify Christ and edify the church in a biblically faithful way. We want to be doctrinally sound and deeply heartfelt. We try to follow the example of Acts 2:42-47, which includes preaching, the Lord's Supper, prayer, benevolence, worship, fellowship, and community involvement. A typical Sunday morning service includes:

Announcements & Updates  

We provide information on upcoming church/community events, share ministry reports, and make known any needs within the body so that we may "bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" (Gal. 6:2).

Call to Worship

The congregation participates in a responsive reading from the Psalms. By "addressing one another in psalms" (Eph. 5:19) we prepare our hearts for worship.


Our worship team leads us in a mix of historic and contemporary songs. Our desire is to worship God "in spirit and in truth" (John 4:24) while singing "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs" (Col. 3:16). 


With "prayer and supplication" (Eph. 6:18) we thank God for His goodness and we ask for His glory, His pardon, His provision, and His blessing. 

Tithes & Offerings

An offering is collected each week to meet the needs of the church and its members. We give "not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Cor. 9:7). 


We teach expositionally from the Bible, which means we go through a book at a time, chapter by chapter. We will occasionally do a topical study for special events, but we believe that expository preaching is the best way to "rightly handle the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15).

The Lord's Supper

We conclude each service by sharing in Communion so that by "eating this bread and drinking this cup" we "proclaim the Lord's death until He comes" (1 Cor. 11:26). 


Stay after to chat, drink coffee, catch up, and invest in one another! This is our “family time” together.