Darby Christian Academy

Partnering with families to raise the next generation for Christ


Darby Christian Academy (DCA) is a Biblically-based Christian education ministry of Darby Community Church.  In the unique model of a Community School, DCA prioritizes faith, family, and education, in that order. 

Our Mission


We feel that God has called us to embark on this mission to make a difference in the future of our children, community, and country by providing an educational model where God is first and foremost in all parts of our lives.

Classical & Christian Education


We believe that Biblical parenting is the foundation of a Godly, successful generation, and the key to the future of our nation.  DCA understands that parents are the primary educators of their children and it is our goal to assist parents in raising educated, well-rounded individuals whose lives will glorify God.

We are working hard to give our students an education that rises to meet a higher standard.  Our curriculum, which includes a variety of publishers, is carefully chosen each year to meet our high academic standards and to work well both in the classroom and homeschool setting.

About Us


What We Do

Darby Christian Academy is a Biblically-based Christian education academy with the unique model of a Community School. The Community School model is 2 days/week class on campus, 3 days/week homeschool with lesson plans created by our certified teachers. This is a dedicated partnership between the school and the family, blending the best of homeschooling and group schooling to create a new educational model that allows parents to customize an academic program with support from qualified teachers with a high level of accountability from parents and community families.  


Who We Are

DCA is a Community School from Darby Community Church, an established part of the Dade City/Darby community for 75 years. In the model of other successful community schools, DCA prioritizes faith, family, and schooling, in that order. 

We believe that Biblical parenting is the foundation of a Godly, successful generation, and the key to the future of our nation. 

DCA believes that parents are the primary educators of their children and it is our goal as an Academy to assist parents in raising Godly, educated, well-rounded individuals. 

If you would like more information about DCA, please download the forms below then feel free call our office (352-588-2440) or fill out the form on the left to be contacted about with more information!


Five Reasons to Choose DCA

  1. I want my child to have a Christ-centered education with a biblical worldview. 
  2. I want to remain an integral part of my child’s learning environment.
  3. I want my child/family to benefit from group interactions with other children/families with similar value systems and beliefs. 
  4. I want my child to have individualized instruction that promotes his/her learning style, interests, and ability levels.
  5. I want to be assured that my child’s core academic plan meets and/or exceeds state educational standards. 

Contact DCA

If you are interested in enrolling your child for the upcoming school year, would like to schedule a tour of our campus, or you have questions about DCA, please send us a note!

Now Enrolling for the 2018-2019 School Year

Contact us today to schedule a school tour and learn if DCA is right for your family!

Email:  admin@darbycommunitychurch.com or call 352-588-2440

Darby Community Church

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Bible is incorporated into everything we do at DCA. With a strong emphasis on prayer, accountability to parents, personal Bible reading, teaching students how to study the Bible for themselves, and our monthly character quality focus, we apply the Word of God into every situation and subject.  



This year, Kindergarten-2nd grades will be using Abeka. 3-5th grades will be using Calvert, and 6th-12th will use Teaching Texbooks.



 K-1st Primary Phonics and early reading books chosen by teacher; Elementary through High School will have a strong emphasis on literature- rich reading materials accompanied by study guides and individual teacher assignments. DCA has literature lists for each grade level that is given to each student upon entering DCA. Students are expected to read daily from their literature selections; book reports and presentations are a regular part of our DCA lesson days. 



Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary & Writing curriculum to be announced shortly.



All of our grade levels read quality historical fiction to make history come alive! K-5 Sonlight's Introduction to World Cultures, 6-8 America the Beautiful vol. 1 by Notgrass, 9-12 American History 1 by Notgrass.



Hands on experiments and labs make up a large portion of our Science time on campus days! K-2 will be using Abeka's Enjoying God's World, 3-5 will study using Apologia's Exploring Creation - Land Animals, 6-8 Apologia's General Science, and 9-12 will go through Apologia's Biology.